If There Were Ever a Day to Discover God’s Plan

for Israel and the Church...  This Is It!

What if...

Because the early Church abandoned its Jewish roots...

  • Christianity lost its understanding of Israel in God’s plans?

  • And the Church lost sight of its relationship with Israel and the Jewish people?

What if...

The growing Christian interest and support of Israel is actually part of God’s plans for the end times?

What if...

  • The “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” idea is wrong?

  • And the Church is on the earth during the end times because God wants to use you to accomplish His purposes?

What if...

God wants to show you a new understanding of His plans for Israel and the Church and give you new purpose and direction?

God’s Plan for Israel and the Church

According to the Bible, the generation that witnesses the “restoration of Israel” (the birth of the nation and the regathering of Jewish people to their homeland) is connected to the end times and the coming of Messiah.

That “restoration” began in 1948 when Israel became a nation and Jewish people began returning to their ancient homeland. If the Bible is true, then our generation today is connected to end times events and the coming of Messiah.

Are we experiencing the beginning of end times events today?

If so, is that indeed because Israel is now a nation?

Could these events hold relevance for you?

In recent years these subjects have stirred great debate in Christianity. There are many questions and opinions about these issues.

Voice of Judah exists to offer you what we believe is God’s Plan for Israel and the Church. We offer you new understanding of how Israel, the Church and the end times fit together in God’s plans.

We believe God has revealed this comprehensive plan to help prepare you for the future. We show you all the details of this plan in our exciting, information-packed seminar.

Our Seminar - Israel, the Church & the Kingdom

Our seminar is an incredible one-day journey through the Bible as we show you the details of God’s Plan for Israel and the Church.

  • We show you how the Old and New Testaments fit together to form one, comprehensive story of Israel and the Church, from Creation to the Coming of Messiah.

  • We show you how the Church and Israel became separated, and why God is moving today to bring the Christian and Jewish communities together.

What if...

Because the Church lost understanding of God’s plans for Israel...

  • Christianity misunderstood that part of God’s purpose for the end times was for Him to finally fulfill His ancient covenant promises to Israel?

  • And Christianity also misunderstood that God wants to use the Church as His primary instrument to accomplish His end times plans?

How could that impact your life today?

Discover the answers to these questions at our seminar, “Israel, the Church & the Kingdom”.

Please come to our seminar! You will have opportunity to ask any questions, meet other dynamic individuals who have a heart for God and His Word, and learn life-changing truths that can help you understand how to better prepare yourself for the future.

Please browse the wide range of topics we cover in our seminar. We show you why understanding all of these topics is essential to understand God’s Plan for Israel and the Church.

Building a New Jewish-Christian Friendship

In the last few decades, Christian interest and support for Israel has exploded.


We believe this is the beginning of God’s move to create a new friendship between Christians and the Jewish people.

But a reconciliation is needed first.

We believe this is big on God’s heart.

As Christians, we need to heal the wounds in the Jewish-Christian relationship which came from the Church’s historical mistreatment of the Jewish people. We believe a Christian apology is necessary for reconciliation to happen and lead to a new friendship To support that effort, we have created a Christian Apology to the Jewish People website which allows you to play an active and powerful role in building that friendship. Please visit the site and sign the letter!

We firmly believe this new friendship is the cornerstone of God’s plans for the future. It’s one thing to support Israel. But when you understand why a Jewish-Christian friendship is essential to God’s plans for the end times, then supporting Israel today will make sense.

At our seminar we show you many ways to join this historical move of God

Offering You New Purpose and Direction

In the future, Israel will be the focal point of global events and international politics. Those circumstances will greatly polarize global public opinion about Israel and create divisions in international alliances and the global economy.

We show you how Israel and your biblical relationship with Israel make these events relevant to you and your life today.

Understanding that might give you new purpose and direction for your life.

We believe God is starting a movement right now to unite the Church with Israel so both groups can reveal Him and His plans to the world.

Voice of Judah exists to help lead this movement.

And offer you a role to play in God’s plans.

The time is now...



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