If There Were Ever a Day to Discover God’s Plan

for Israel and the Church...  This Is It!

We are living in one of the most turbulent and rapidly-changing generations ever in world history.

Politics and commerce are quickly moving towards globalization. Economic recessions are occurring around the globe. National governments have completely transformed in recent decades. Technology is revolutionizing the way we do things almost daily. People are in the streets calling for “change.”

And in the midst of it all... from nearly a two thousand year absence...

Israel has become a nation.


Not according to the Bible.

Israel is continually in the news because of the Middle East conflict. Media coverage is polarizing global public opinion. Most people either support Israel or stand firmly opposed. Radical religious groups want to destroy the nation and the Jewish people. At the same time, Christian support for Israel has exploded in recent years.

To top it all, society is clamoring with fear of “doomsday” scenarios: world war III, asteroids hitting the earth, the Mayan calendar... People feel like something is coming.

What is going on?

Could these events affect you?

God’s Plan for Israel and the Church, and the World

According to the Bible, the generation that witnesses the “restoration of Israel” (the birth of the nation and the regathering of Jewish people to their homeland) is connected to the end times and the coming of Messiah.

That “restoration” began in 1948 when Israel became a nation and Jewish people began returning to their ancient homeland. If the Bible is true, then our generation today is connected to end times events and the coming of Messiah.

  • Are we experiencing the beginning of end times events today?

  • Are biblical prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes?

  • Could end times events occur in our generation?

What if all you have heard so far about God, the Bible and Jesus is...


What if there is more to the story?

Much more...

Voice of Judah exists to offer you what we believe is God’s Plan for Israel and the Church. Because Israel is now a nation, and biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in our time, we believe today’s generation is connected to end times events.

We want to explain that to you.

We are not predicting dates for anything. Nor do we believe the coming of Messiah or the return of Jesus is an “imminent, could happen at any moment” event.

  • We are here to give you a biblical perspective of history, the world today and the future, and show you how it all fits together.

  • We want to give you a more comprehensive picture than perhaps what you’ve heard in the past.

We believe God has revealed this comprehensive plan to help prepare you for the future. We show you all the details of this plan in our exciting, information-packed seminar.

Our seminar - Israel, the Church & the Kingdom

Our seminar is an incredible one-day journey through the Bible as we show you the details of God’s Plan for Israel and the Church.

  • We show you how the Old and New Testaments fit together to form one comprehensive story of Israel and the Church, from Creation to the Coming of Messiah.

  • We show you how the Bible relates to real life - history, modern events, and the future - so it will make more sense to you.

  • We show you how today’s Middle East conflict is explained in the Bible and what the Bible says will unfold in the future.

How could all that impact your life today?

Discover the answers to these questions at our seminar, “Israel, the Church & the Kingdom”.

Please come to our seminar! You will have opportunity to ask any questions and learn life-changing truths that can help you understand how to better prepare yourself for the future.

Please browse the wide range of topics we cover in our seminar. We show you why understanding all of these topics is essential to understand God’s plans for the future.

New Jewish-Christian Friendship

In the last few decades, Christian interest and support for Israel has exploded. We believe this is the beginning of God’s move to reconcile Jewish people and Christians and create a new friendship. To help support that effort, we have created a Christian Apology to the Jewish People website which allows people to play an active and powerful role in building that friendship.

What does that mean for you?

We think it shows God’s heart to bring restoration in relationships.

If God is working to restore the Jewish-Christian relationship after two thousand years of animosity, distrust, and even violence...

Wouldn’t God move heaven and earth to have an intimate relationship with you?

New Purpose and Direction for You

In the future, Israel will be the focal point of global events and international politics. Those circumstances will greatly polarize global public opinion about Israel and create divisions in international alliances and the global economy.

  • We show you these events will affect you.

  • And how these events are relevant to you and your life today.

Understanding that might give you new purpose and direction for your life.

We believe God is starting a movement right now to make His plans and purposes clear to the entire world.

Voice of Judah exists to help lead this movement.

And offer you a role to play in God’s plans.

The time is now...



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