Table of Contents

Debunking Replacement Theology

Did the Church replace Israel? Where did that idea come from? What is the biblical connection between Israel and the Church? What about God’s unfulfilled promises to Israel? Is there a Church-Israel connection in the end times?

Debunking Replacement Theology - Part I: Orgins of Replacement Theology

Debunking Replacement Theology - Part II: The Church-Israel Relationship

Debunking Replacement Theology - Part III: God’s Promises for Israel

Debunking Replacement Theology - Part IV: End Times Theology

God’s Plan for Israel and the Church

Will we see the end times in our generation? These articles identify some of the biblical indicators and global trends which help us find the answer.

God’s Plan for Israel and the Church - Part I: Israel - The Starting point

God’s Plan for Israel and the Church - Part II: Events in Today’s Generation

God’s Plan for Israel and the Church - Part III: Events in the Future

Christianity's Hebraic Heritage 101

Various articles explaining Christianity's Hebraic Heritage and also its contrast to some of the thoughts and practices in Christianity today.

The Difference Between Passover and Easter


The End Times

Covering different subjects about the end times, these articles seek to: 1) Explain the end times within the Bible's original Hebraic context, 2) Show the continuity between the Tanakh (Old Testament) and New Testament, so that 3) You gain a clearer understanding of the future and can prepare for things to come.

"The Day and Hour Which No One Knows" Discover what this phrase actually means and when it will occur.

Establishing the Sequence of End Times Events A unique, step-by-step process to determine the sequence of end times events and what the whole scenario may look like.

Part I - Introduction: My Process and Methodology

Part II - The End Times Scenario Step-By-Step (with illustrations)

Part III - Why the 7th Seal of Revelation Starts Daniel’s 70th Week (Last 7 Years of this Age)

The Feasts of the Lord: Rehearsals for Messiah’s Coming

This is one of the primary keys in understanding the end times and its sequence of events. Without this we can become lost in a myriad of theories and ideas. These articles explain how the Feasts (Jewish holidays) are “rehearsals” for the First and Second Coming of Messiah and how the various commandments and traditions within the Feasts prophetically foreshadow and symbolize the events of the Messiah’s First and Second Coming.

Part I - Understanding the Feasts as Rehearsals

Part II - The Spring Feasts: Rehearsals for Messiah’s First Coming

Part III - Aerial View of the End Times and the Fall Feasts (Daniel's 70 Sevens)

Part IV - The Season of the Fall Feasts and the Lunar Calendar

Part V - Yom Teruah: Rehearsal for the Resurrection and Rapture

Part VI - The Ten Days of Awe: Rehearsal for Final Repentance and the Bowls of Wrath

Part VII - Yom Kippur: Rehearsal for Israel’s Atonement and Redemption

Part VIII - Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles): Rehearsal for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb

Part IX - The Millennial Reign - The Restoration of Israel

Part X - The Point of the Matter




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