Our Appeal

This our appeal to you to consider our message and how it may relate to you.

Our goal is to show you a biblical perspective of God’s plans for Israel and the Church, as well as the world. We understand that different groups of people will consider this topic from their own unique perspective, particularly the Jewish and Christian communities. So we do our best to present our message in a neutral, objective and heartfelt manner so it can be received by all people regardless of religious beliefs.

We are definitely not attempting to convert Jewish people to Christianity.

Our unique view point of God’s plans shows you how God seeks to bring the Jewish and Christian communities together to accomplish His purposes, rather than treat them as separate and independent groups.

We have done our best to foresee how our vision and message may pertain to the three general groups we have described: the Jewish community, the Christian community and the world. We invite you to read the pages below.

The Jewish community

We want to be your friend and ally as we mobilize Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people


The Christian community

We offer a biblical understanding of Israel and the Church-Israel relationship, along with amazing revelations of the Bible and God's plans from a Hebraic context.

The World

We offer a comprehensive picture of the Bible and God's plans so you can understand history, the world today and the future from a biblical perspective.


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