Israel, the Church & the Kingdom seminar

An exciting, information and scripture-intensive seminar to help you understand the relationship between Israel and the Church, their roles in God’s plans during the end times and the sequence of end times events.

From a biblical perspective we have a unique way of showing you an “aerial view” of the Bible and world events (past, present and future) which offers amazing insight into God’s heart and plans - for humanity in general, and Israel and the Church in particular.

What makes our presentation unique is our combination of a Hebraic understanding of the Bible, the revelation that Jesus truly is the promised Messiah, and an understanding of how the Feasts of the Lord are “rehearsals” for the two advents of Messiah to the earth.

The goal of our presentation is to help you understand:

  • The connection between the Bible and world events (past, present and future),

  • The connection between Israel and the Church,

  • How and why Israel is a stumbling block for the world and the Church,

  • The biblical mandate for christian support for Israel,

  • How and why the Church is on the earth during all of the end times and not caught away in a pre-tribulation rapture,

  • The roles of Israel and the Church during the end times

  • The Coming of Messiah and the final fulfillment of God’s promises for the Restoration of Israel.


We’ve been conducting these seminars for years now. Here’s what people have said after attending...

"My favorite part was the ability to take a ‘crash course’ on Israel, the Church & the Kingdom in one day and understand it clearly. It would take years to read, study, pray and organize ALL this information. Wow, thank you."

Grace Lowenthal

"I loved learning how the Feasts of the LORD are rehearsals for the Messiah's first and second coming.... Now I understand how biblical prophecies fit into the book of Revelation."

Catrina Brock

"Mike gave the best explanation of ‘a day and hour that no one knows’ I have ever heard. This is a great ministry! For such a time as this..."

Diane Withers

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