Preparing you for the coming of Messiah

“The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son.”

To understand this more clearly, I invite you to read the biblical story of God on the earth.

The Spiritual Battle

The earth and mankind were created in the midst of a cosmic, spiritual battle. One of God’s archangels, Lucifer, sought to establish himself on God’s throne; and as a result, lost his place in heaven and became God’s adversary (Isa. 14:12-14, Ezek. 28:11-17). Lucifer, now as Satan (which in Hebrew means adversary), set himself against humanity and came to earth bent on destruction. He deceived Adam and Eve into transgressing God’s commands (Gen. 3:1-7). Adam and Eve’s disobedience forfeited their authority over Creation to Satan, who from that point forward had free reign to influence and corrupt mankind. Tragically, the power of sin and death entered Creation. History bears the testimony of the warfare on earth...

The Promise: God’s Redemptive Plan for the Ages

Yet God, in His unending love for humanity and His desire for intimate relationship with us, promised to send a “Seed of the woman” who would crush the head of Satan (his power and authority) (Gen. 3:15). The defeat of God’s enemy would redeem humanity from sin and death, and restore man’s relationship with God forever. A spark of hope in the Promised Redeemer was kindled in the heart of man. As time moved on from the Garden of Eden, God would progressively reveal His redemptive plan in the Promised Redeemer.

God’s Plan Revealed

After the Flood, God blessed Noah’s son, Shem, who established the priesthood of Melchizedek in Jerusalem (Gen. 9:26, 14:18). Shem proclaimed the Most High God and His righteousness to all humanity while the people of the world went their own way. Shem’s lineage gave birth to the nation of Israel (Gen. 11:10-26, 12:1-3), whom God chose as His people and gave the unique responsibility to reveal His character, will and purpose to the entire world (Ex. 19:1-6, Deut. 4:1-8, 2 Sam. 7:23). God gave Israel His presence, His Word, His covenants and His oracles through the prophets (Rom. 9:4). Through these God was revealing His plan for redemption to Israel and the earth. And the centuries rolled on...

In time, and in accordance with the prophetic rehearsals that were “hidden” in the Feasts of the Lord (Lev. 23), God brought forth His Promised Redeemer who gave His life as a ransom for the world (Mark 10:45, Heb. 9:15). His sacrificial atonement on Passover nearly two thousand years ago provided redemption for humanity and invited the nations into a new covenant relationship with God and with Israel (Isa. 42:1-7, 49:5-6).

As non-Jewish people came into the covenant and formed the early Church, they quickly abandoned their rich Hebraic (Jewish) heritage. After the destruction of the Temple and the great Diaspora (scattering) of the Jewish people in 70 CE, it made sense to the early Church that God had forsaken the Jewish people, and the Church had replaced Israel in her calling. Replacement Theology was born, and Christian anti-semitism burst forth in society and has existed to this day (see history, read about replacement theology). The Jewish people were considered outcasts in the earth. But God, faithful to His promises and His love to His people, had not forgotten the sons of Jacob and His plans (Jer. 33:25-26, Ps. 105:7-9).

Nearly two thousand years later, in 1948, Israel has once again appeared on the world scene (Isa. 66:7-8). War and conflict have raged against the nation ever since. Anti-semitism is growing to unprecedented levels. The Church, whom God meant to be Israel’s friend and ally all along, is discovering a new-found love for Israel and the Jewish people. At the same time, many people in the world are clamoring for answers because they feel like “the end” is coming.

God has set the stage for the coming of Messiah...

God’s Call to Today’s Generation

Over the last two thousand years, mostly because of the effects of Replacement Theology, many misconceptions have existed in the Christian community about Israel, the Church-Israel relationship and how both fit into God’s plans. The Jewish people are wary of the Christian community because of centuries of bitter, anti-semitism. Reconciliation and a new friendship are needed for both to fulfill their callings and be united in covenant relationship with each other. God is seeking for His people to stand for Him and His righteousness, support Israel, and proclaim the message of the coming Messiah and His kingdom to the earth.

God is inviting all who will come and join Him in His End Times Plan.

God’s Grand Finale: the End Times

Today, a polarization is occurring in the earth around the issues of:

  • Israel

  • Jerusalem

  • God and His identity

  • The Bible and its authenticity

As time progresses to the end of this age, this polarization will escalate (Matt. 13:24-43). The polarization will culminate in global opposition - and eventually persecution - against those who faithfully support these issues (Dan. 7:23-25). A world leader (the Antichrist) will arise to storm Israel and desecrate the Temple. But God's people in the last days will be strong and do mighty exploits in the face of persecution as they await the coming Messiah. We will all be here until the end (Dan. 11:29-35, Rev. 13:1-10).

The coming of Messiah will fulfill the “hidden rehearsals” in the Fall Feasts of the Lord. He will end all war and questions about these issues as He conquers His adversary (Gen. 3:15, Deut 32:39-43, Rev. 19:19-21). He will usher in a millennial reign of peace and establish God’s righteousness and justice in the earth from His throne in Jerusalem. The nation of Israel, who has always been last and forsaken by the international community, will be the chief of nations as Messiah reigns on the earth and His people govern with Him (Isa 60, 32:1-3, Jer. 23:5-6, Rev 20:4-5).

The Messiah is coming...

Do you understand what He is coming to do?

Will you partner with God and His heart in His End Times Plan?

We invite you to read the pages below.

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