Seminar Testimonials

"I loved how Mike broke everything down so it is understandable. My eyes are opened to where we are in God's plans."
Perry Parsons
"My favorite part was learning how the Fall Feasts of the Lord are a rehearsal for the Messiah's second coming, and how that fits into the last 7 years. Thanks for the timeline, it's very easy to follow. Thank you Mike for sharing your study and heart. This seminar is a blessing!"
Randa Woodward
"I loved how Mike used the Torah (Old Testament) to explain the book of Revelation. I appreciate Israel even more now. "
Ondra Skinner
"I loved learning about the hebraic roots of Christianity and how they reflect God's plans."
Eric Parris
"My favorite part was learning how to prepare our hearts for what God has in store for the future. I want to share this teaching with everyone! It's what we all need to hear and live."
Sue Frolander
"After my third time of attending this seminar, it just gets better and brings more understanding every time!"
Kim Frolander
"I have a better understanding of our (the christian) relationship to the Jewish people and Jewish customs. My favorite part was how Mike connected the Jewish calendar and feasts of the Lord to biblical scripture and prophecies."
Ken Harper
"I understand better what it will take to grow deeper with God and help others to understand the truth."
Mitchell Skinner
"Your humility is very transparent! It's refreshing to see someone teaching on these topics with a humble spirit. The notes you gave us were phenomenal! Thank you so much!"
MaryAnne Molton
"My favorite part of the seminar was getting an overview of the Bible and how it all fits together. I was personally impacted to seek God more closely to understand my place in His plans. Thank you so very much!"
Gail Deel


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